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There’s no shortage of business opportunities associated with helping organizations to protect themselves against the rising tide of cybercrime. To capitalize on them, you need to pick the right partner. IntSights is that partner.


First, we’re an innovation leader. Hundreds of companies worldwide rely on our unique capabilities for rapid, tailored cyber threat intelligence and mitigation. Second, our solution aligns perfectly with customers’ growing demands for more proactive defense. And third, we know what it takes for partners to be successful, and we’ve built it all into our partner programs.



Programs Tailored to Your Needs 



Offer proactive defense and help your customers transform threat intelligence into automated security action. 
  • Generous gross profit margins 
  • Guided proof of concept management 
  • Deal registration 
  • Renewal protection 



Advanced threat intelligence and mitigation features that make a unique addition to service portfolios. 
  • Open API access
  • Quarterly invoicing 
  • Consumption model pricing 
  • Technical support


For companies who wish to refer a tailored threat intelligence and mitigation soultion to their customers for a fee. 
  • IntSights will run full sales cycle 
  • Referral fee paid on the backend 




Empower your customers to do more with their existing cyber-security infrastructure. 
  • Open API 
  • Joint marketing 

"Partners are the most valuable asset we have in our mission to bring customers tailored, actionable threat intelligence in a cyber security market full of noise and false positives. Together we make it possible to see and mitigate threats before they become attacks to protect our joint customers."

— Guy Nizan, CEO & Co-Founder

Membership Benefits

There are exclusive benefits available when joining our partner program.


Generous GP

  • Competitive deal registration
  • Registered for 90 days  
  • Renewal incumbancy 

Demo Accounts

  • Free account for demo purposes 
  • Full training included 

Co-Funded Marketing

  • Collaborative marketing 
  • Access to campaign
  • resources Joint events 

Lead Sharing

  • Combined business growth 
  • Pooled resources 

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